Trash into Treasure Review

Alright guys :]

This blog is basically going to tell you about own personal review on Chriselle Lim’s video: Trash into Treasure- DIY Embellished Sweater. And for those who do not know about Chriselle or not seen her video the video below should help ^^ Also remember this  blog’s just my opinions of what I like and dislike about her creations so if you don’t agree with me that’s cool, but remember no hateful comments please? Thanks :] Also love Chriselle for adding a song by one of my favorite indie bands 😀 The link below the first video well let you open your ears up to some pretty awesome music! Also a big fan of Humming Urban Stereo ❤

Ok back to what I was talking about earlier.. I came across this video when I was bored one day and decided to check on Chriselle’s videos and found that she did another one of the DYI videos which are basically tutorials on how to create & make really neat clothing and accessories for those people who like to indulge on their more creative side.. I watched this and I was instantly in love with this cute & creative idea! Thankfully I learned how to hand sew things from my Fashion Designing class at school so seeing this made me want to make this sweater so badly. And another thing that’s great after watching this video is it’s a cheap and warm way to stay looking chic in the cold weather :] And what I love about Chriselle is her ability to create something as simple as taking an old plain sweater or buying one and using either material she owns or buying some cheap ones from a craft store and reusing it to make it into something new & gorgeous.

  “I’m all for pieces that you can mix & match from day into night  and casual into glam! Although some of you may think that my closet is filled with endless amount of choices & pieces….it’s not! The truth is…i’ve just become a master at rotating & remixing pieces!”

~ Chriselle off her site –>

As successful as Chriselle may be a fashionista’s wardrobe is not eternal & even having ten closet full of clothes they’ll eventually have to end somewhere. A key way to being a smart shopper & fashionista is finding ways to mix & match a certain piece with totally different pieces. My tips on mix & matching?

  • Find a plain shirt, tank-top, sweater, jacket ect or something you want to jazz up. Make sure you’re positive you’ll be working with the shirt and you don’t mind it being cut or sewed.
  • Find some accessories that you either want to sew or glue onto the shirt fabric. Good examples are pearls like how Chriselle used an old pearl necklace to cut up the pearls from the string. Other good accessories are finding old pins.. you know the kinds you find in rusty old trunks or an old jewelry box from the 50’s or something? Flowers.. you know the ones you can find at Forever 21 for a dollar or ribbons from any craft store. Personally I would go with ribbons out of everything else. I LOVE ribbons! They instantly make anything cute! And if you want you can explore any craft store & find some other cute accessories to glue and sew onto your garment.
  • Mixing & matching your bottoms is a very important thing to expand your looks. Switching from skirts, pants, jeans, shorts & leggings can totally change the look of the top. You can go from a day look to a night look with the right bottoms.
  • Patterns. Patterns are also a great way to change up the look. There are about a billion different types of patterns from stripes, to polka dots, houndstooth, tribal, floral, bleach, rainbows ect.. but you get the idea. I suggest if you’re going with a light color scheme you should pair it up with floral & stripes and if you’re going for a darker color scheme go with polka dots or bleach. I personally love bleach with darker colored clothes because it gives a really edgy rocker feel to it, but that’s just my opinion & you may not agree with it but just letting you know 🙂
  • The best way to switch off an outfit is by the jewelery you wear with the outfit. You can go from a soft & feminine look to a sharp & classy look to  a edgy & rocker look to a crazy & bold look just by pairing up different necklaces & earrings. What I would do is since your new  sweater is already “glamified” it’s best you keep the accessories nice & simple. Try finding jewelry that either pops out or has a bold color that contrasts to your top. A good example is if you used analogous colors or if you use the opposite color such as if you’re wearing something dark, pair it with lighter accessories & the opposite for the lighter colors. If you want you may add hair accessories too such as hairbands, hats, clips ect.. to get more creative with your look.

Depending on the kind of person you are & what kind of style you’re into or influenced by this idea may not be for you, but don’t fret there will be many more ideas to come. Or if you want you can find other people on Youtube to help you create a piece that’s right for you. This is one out of the many different types of ideas out there, but what’s important is that this idea solely comes from the inspiration of reusing old, plain clothes & turning them into something cute & affordable. And hey if the designers these days aren’t interesting you with their latest creations make your own! It’s always better to wear what you like rather than waste money on things you don’t really like. If I were you I’d make my own personal clothes. Why? Making your own clothes shows people your identity. It shows the kind of person you are & what kinds of things you love & what makes you, you. Don’t be afraid to take risks & be bold. Not everyone will love your outfits all the time, but what matters is whether or not you love what you’re wearing. For example Lady Gaga.. I’m sure she wears her clothes with pride so don’t be afraid to show people who you are & share your talents & ideas with the world & maybe you’ll just be as famous as Ms. Chriselle here :]


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