Chriselle Lim

Chriselle Lim is the up & coming “It girl” on fashion styling on Youtube. Her fame was first introduced when her long time best friend Michelle Phan who is also famously recognized on Youtube for making makeup tutorials & neat tricks on skin remedies. She has started her own fashion styling company called Chriselle Inc. & her own personal blog website called The Chriselle Factor. On her website you will find some insight about Chriselle’s fashion sense & behind-the-scenes on what she does for a living. I personally found out about Ms. Lim after watching one of Michelle’s Phan’s latest videos her Hatsune Miku makeup tutorial that shew recently put up & I was like hey! I think I know this chick from Michelle’s one video on how to expand your shoe collection. My 1st video I ever watched of her was “What to Wear on School Picture Day”… ironically I watched that video because I needed fashion tips on what to wear on my school’s upcoming picture day. Yes even fashionistas like myself need styling advice & inspiration from other fashionistas out there. As soon as I saw her tutorial on what to wear for the school picture day I swear I was instantly hooked on this girl! I don’t think there’s ever been another stylist out there that can relate to my kind of vintage style as much as Chriselle does. I believe that Chriselle has that kind of raw talent of putting together two contradicting pieces of clothing & somehow combining them to make a statement. After watching her video “Fashion Rules that are meant to be broken” I was proud to wear polka dots & stripes together. Chriselle gave me that kinda confidence to wear what I feel is comfortable & cute. I have to admit my mom thinks some of the kinds of outfits I pull together are kind kooky, but hey fashion is in the eye of the wearer. As soon as I watched 1 of her videos I was on a daily schedule of checking Youtube & her site for any new videos she might of put up. Video after video I seem to get more & more inspired by her style & wanting to badly find the kind of clothes she had. And her accessories? Don’t get me started on how gorgeous her jewelery is and how it fits in with her outfits so perfectly. I’m especially in love with her one ring that she shared in her “I Feel Naked Without” video. Chriselle please send me one of those por favor? Hahah jk. Another thing that I admire about her sense in style is how she uses one resources to make an endless possibility of styles. I know that every girl should at least own one dress that’s considered their “Little Black Dress or Little White Dress” & yes I do myself own a little dress like that, but the creative ways she pairs a simple dress with cute accessories or an eye catching shoe or bag is simply the simplicity of simple. I was flabbergasted at how she finds these ways of pairing together with leopard flats or having a large necklace that extenuates the neckline I mean it’s those kinds of things that you would’ve never thought of.. I mean yeah you can always pair a simple dress with a pair of cute shoes or bag but the way she selects her patterns with a such a monotoned color is like wow.  These days I wear some sort of pattern top or bottom with either a single colored top or bottom. It’s that kind of classic look that any girl can pull off & look nice in. Also after watching Chriselle I’m suddenly getting into a lot of red pieces right now? Or maybe it’s because it’s around the holidays so yeah? ^.^ I absolutely love everything to do with this girl & she is one of my fashion inspirations. She’s probably 1,000,000+ fashion gurus too so haha yeah we’ll all share the love. I hope one day I can meet Chriselle & actually have a one on one on styling. I think having a job such as Chriselle’s would be such an amazing experience! I’m trying to pursue a career such as Chriselle’s & I hope to be recognized somewhere in the world as being a fashion icon such as her. Chriselle don’t stop making your videos! I don’t think I can live without your fashion tips! You are one gorgeous lady & I’m so jelly of you! You’re beautiful & for one thing & you always seem to “stay chic” 😉 hahah.. You’re an inspiration to us all.

Links to Chriselle:

Facebook page:!/ChriselleINC

Youtube channel:

Check her out!!


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