About Passion for Fashion

Passion for Fashion is my view on how I see the world of fashion. I believe that fashion isn’t about good looks & expensive looking clothes, but about the time & effort you put into creating something wearable for people or putting together right clothes to make the perfect outfit. I  may not be the best of looking person on the planet nor have the most expensive clothes that money can buy, but whenever I see that little clothing wrack with little yellow stickers saying 50% my senses instantly pounces on it.

This blog [and I think I’ve clearly said this 2x already xD] have hand dandy tips on how find cute & affordable pieces & still look nice or look “expensive” looking without having that heart dropping feeling when you know you find out how much you’ve spent on clothes. Sometimes looking in the back section of a store or going to that one shop that no one ever goes into is usually the best places to find great pieces. Haha I am a thrift shopper & I think I find most of my clothes in the sale section of things. I’m proud to say that I shop in the sale sections and I mean who wants to pay full price for a shirt that costs 30 something dollars when there’s barely anything on it. My little blog will help those fashion hungry shopper or lovers find great deals on things & typically where I shop to find some cute stuff! I do also blog about fashion trends, people/celebs, what’s hot on the scene when it comes music & ect…

A Little About Myself..

Name? Amelia but I go by Mel 🙂

Birthday? December 11! Yes I’m a winter baby.

Favorite stores to shop at? Forever 21 [I mean every girl shops there..], Zara, Urban Outfitters, and any of those random thrift shops..

Music? K-POP FTW 🙂 oh & a lot of indie artists.. such as:

  • Late Night Alumni
  • Sky Ferriera
  • Little Boots
  • Samantha James
  • Casker
  • Humming Urban Stereo
  • ect…

My loves/guilty pleasures? Peaches, vintage things, cameras, hats, cats, food, sleep, iTouch, Polyvore, boyfriend, friends, doodling, traveling, Youtube ect…

My pet peeves? Annoying people >.>, waking up, school & pickles.


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