New Music Addiction.

I literally just found out about Two Door Cinema Club today & I’ve been listening to their music non-stop this whole day. HOLY MOTHER OF BEEP. These guys are amazing.

It’s kinda a funny story how I discovered this Northern Irish indie pop band.. I was doing some X-mas shopping on my computer & was happening to look on the Zara website when I came across an ad on the Zara website for their new Zara Ap for the iPhone. When I saw this ad I was instantly hooked on the song. I was like “Where have I heard this before?” cuz I swear I’ve heard this song while I was dancing in the dressing rooms at Forever 21 one time… LOL JK. But no seriously I’ve heard this song many times at different stores but I never really knew the artist or name before. And I think I have come to a conclusion that Forever 21 & Zara have the best random indie music artists ever. I’ve gotten into a lot of indie artists just by listening to the music while shopping & I go home and try to find these songs & I find my new found love. Anyways out of all my friends I seem to be the one that stands out from them cuz I’m the only one who’s not really into mainstream music. INDIE MUSIC FTW~

My opinion about indie music? Indie music is SO much better than mainstream no words can describe it. I swear why aren’t these people famous? I mean if these people were mainstream I wouldn’t mind listening to mainstream music! And what I really love about indie style music is that each artist or band has their own sound & style of music. It gives that unique & vintage feel too it or that’s how I would put it. And this is why I’m always listening to my iPod whenever I’m in the car, bus, shopping or pretty much anywhere cuz I can’t stand mainstream music… gives me a headache -___-

And why is it that every FOREIGN pop artist sounds 1,000x better than American pop artists? I don’t know if just me but Euro & Asian pop is always so.. I don’t know better? I mean most of the really good & catchy English songs you hear from clothing stores are ALWAYS European.. I assume it’s always British or Irish I mean they are the best when it comes to indie pop. I swear if Indie pop was never invented I don’t think could survive. It keeps me through the day & especially Chemistry class XD can’t stand the class, teacher & subject so thank the lord I have my iPod full of wonderful indie music ❤

I hope I’m not the only Asian girl out there who listens to a ton of indie bands & obsesses how amazing they are & how they should be more famous ;p

I hope one day I find someone who has the exact same music taste as I do! It’s kinda hard since I listen to a variety of artists & types of music but pop has to be the main genre of music I listen too. I guess what kinda influences my taste in music is my bf? We both are really big fans of music & we seem to know a lot about our genre of music, but he’s more into rap, classic rock, underground music & heavy metal.

But in the end….

All I need is love, food & indie music :]

Btw the MV for this song is quite weird. But I guess all MV these days are pretty odd.


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