Oh uh yeah that would be me. Aren’t I cool? 🙂 It was a random pic of myself from my shopping trip today. I’m kinda thinking these kinds of pictures are starting to become one of those stereotypical pics that every teenage girl does with their iPhones these days. Sad I know.. but I have to admit I’m being a such a hypocrite myself saying that, but I don’t know it’s just one of those pet peeves I have about society -__-


Look how effin’ amazing these sherpa looking hat things are :]

Yeah my mom & I were messing around in the department section & trying on the cool & expensive winter hats they had on display! Totally cute right? x] I wish I could get the bottom hat ❤ So fuzzy & warm! I swear you could wear that hat to Antarctica & you wouldn’t freeze to death wearing one of those! Only problems are:

  1. They’re UBER expensive :C
  2. I live in TX the most bi-polar state in the U.S. & you never know when it’s going to be hot, cold, rain, snow ect… -__-
  3. The town that I live in is just as bi-polar as the state itself & even though it gets really cold down here sometimes it never snows.. I mean it does snow, but it’s one of those things where everyone gets all excited that “OH MY GOSH SNOWFLAKES!!” & it starts pouring snow for the 1st few hrs & then all our hopes & dreams are crushed when all the snow melts and all that’s left our mushy puddles of broken hearts. And worse part we go back to school the next day. Yeah not exactly the kind of “winterland fantasy” I was hoping for.
  4. Since it doesn’t snow that much here I think it would be kinda weird if I wore the second hat around town or to school XD But they’re just cool to try on..

So in the end I didn’t end up getting these cuz they were way too overpriced ;p but for those who are wondering what brand these hats were I know the first hat was True Religion & I think the second one is Lucky Brand? Not 100% sure about the second one but I know for sure about the first one. But even though I didn’t get these awesome hats I already have a few winter hats of my own.. I own a sherpa hat from American Eagle that I bought last X-mas but I have no idea where it went.. o.o Haha I probably got to find it before it gets REALLY cold down here. So far the lowest has been 32 degrees? And it’s still November for pete’s sake! I don’t even know how cold it’s going to be during December >.<

So yeah.. for those looking for great places to find winter hats I know American Eagle has some great ones with the fur that are so fluffy x] & A&F & Forever 21 has some great ones too! I personally like Forever 21 the best out of the rest cuz one it’s more affordable to buy & they have cuter styles. For example while shopping I found this trapper hat & I instantly fell in love ❤

Anyone who has a heart of gold & money should buy me this hat for X-mas or my birthday? ^^ It’s only $14 so it’s pretty affordable 🙂 AND IT’S ZOOO CUTE! Definitely need this hat! I shall love you forever & ever if you do! So yep this ends my mini blog on what I found during my shopping trip! Thought I should randomly share it with you guys since I’m a really open person :]


~ Miss Mel


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