Daily Post of My Life.


Burrrrrr. It’s so cold down here in TX now :C I’ve been going to bed in thick sweaters and long sleeved shirts since I don’t know like Thursday? πŸ˜›

Well besides a really cold morning for me today seems like a bright & somewhat sunny day? I know I haven’t been on here since last Saturday and so far I’ve really not accomplished much on my blog but I’m currently back to blogging & working on it ^^; Well for those who are interested in my every day daily life [which I’m sure no one does cuz I’m such a loser on the web..] what’s new in my life…

This would be us^

  1. Happy Five Months to the most amazing guy in the world whole entire world :3 I LOVE YOU. Actually my five months was earlier this week on Tuesday but thought I should let my online stalkers know πŸ˜‰ Hahah jk. It’s kinda weird how my bf & I celebrate our monthly anniversaries.. we started dating on the 13th but we celebrate every end of the month and not the 13th of every month.. don’t ask me why but it’s just this thing we do.. yeah we’re pretty weird I should say. I personally had a great time spending my five months with him πŸ˜‰ Haha no we didn’t do anything crazy or kinky *cough*:)

2. Oh also Halloween was this Monday! HAPPY BELATED HALLOWEEN GUYS! And guess what costume they picked out for meh -_____-

Eww. Sailor? Let’s just say I have such amazing friends.. -sarcastic voice-

For the record I was FORCED to wear this by my friends/bf.. yeah I’m not into the whole cosplaying kinda thing nor would I look cute even doing it. Trust me I’m not that cute to be dressing up like this LOL and also you can obviously tell how adorable my face looks now right? πŸ™‚ And for those of you who are fans of K-pop, Koreans, fanboys, guys with weird fetishes for cute Korean girls, ect… I don’t know if it’s just me but the costume reminds me of something SNSD would wear? BTW I got tons of candy <333 Currently eating a bunch right now and I’m slowly gaining more cavities and gaining more weight >.>

Uh yeah something like this^ Also referencing below to the MV Genie for those who know or don’t know about SNSD.Β 

3. Okay anyways getting off that topic cuz I could spend a whole day rambling on about SNSD.. Uh so anyways another thing that was pretty awesome about this week is I FINALLY got a pair of lace up army boot style shoes.. thing? LOL I don’t know what they’re called but I LOVE them ❀ I know it’s a suck-ish picture since I’m too lazy right now to get a better picture of them, but you kinda get the idea? I’ll post up better pictures & write a blog about these shoes sometime soon? I know these shoes are pretty trendy right now for the chilly season and I swear as soon as I saw these boots on the shelves I was like “MOTHER I NEED THESE”. Luckily my mom was in a good mood to buy these shoes for me ^^ and she thought they were pretty adorable too. And the best part about buying these shoes? They were on sale!! I was like holy flippin’ ASJKSHKASSBHD. [<— Yeah I tend to do that when I type excitedly] Yeah so now you know that being a bargain hunter is a pretty sweet deal. And normally these shoes run from $70+ at stores like Aldo, Nine West, Department Stores, ect.. but you know how much I got these for? :DD Well….

I’m not telling you πŸ˜‰


For those who are interested I shall tell you in my upcoming blog about them! Please look forward to it!

So.. I guess this is all for now about anything new or awesome happening in my oh so boring daily life I live in.. I’ll be working on some new blogs hopefully soon but lately school work and this being my end of the sixth week week I’ve been working my butt off trying to keep up my grades in school and pulling up my Chemistry grade up ;p yeah I hate Chem btw. So thanks for reading :]

~ Miss Mel



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