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Jump Into My World…


Welcome to my blog a.k.a Miss Mel’s personal fashion blog. Basically my reason for starting a fashion blog isΒ  to post pics & tips about fashion styling, what’s hot in fashion or on the scene. I’m still kinda new to this site so please bare with me as I try to somehow get my blog going ^^; A little about myself? I’m just another one of those 1,000,000+ girls out there who has fallen madly in love… with fashion. LOL

Hmm.. I’ve been obsessed with fashion since I can remember.. my mom was actually my inspiration for fashion, but me & her have totally different taste in things. I love cutting out magazine cut outs and taping them all over my bedroom wall and I mean what kind of teenage girl doesn’t do that? Fashion collages are my passion. I love doing a bunch of those in my spare time and maybe I’ll post a pic up sometime of one of them.. Currently I’m studying fashion designing at school [Not in college btw.. yet] Hahah I love watching a bunch of fashion shows, Project Runway is my LIFE. I have not ever not seen an episode from any season. Maybe one day when I’m good enough I’ll try out for the show? Hehe Tim Gunn is so adorable :3

I don’t know if it’s just me but whenever I go to a book store I don’t actually go there to buy books or actually read a book, but what i do is take every single issue of some type of fashion magazine ex: Vogue/Teen Vogue, Marie Claire, Seventeen, Cosmopolitan. Harper’s Bazaar ect.. and like I sit in a corner and read them instead.. LOL. And I never end up buying any.. hahah my parents are too cheap to buy any ): Then again I do believe it’s a waste of money to buy one every month when a new issue with new trends comes out 4 weeks after the one you just bought. Typically I tend to skim through the pics they have the magazine and read any interesting fashion columns people write about. It’s amazing how much you can know about fashion by just reading those small little paragraphs on the edge of the magazine that like everyone happens to look past.

Hmm if I’m not busy with school work or hanging with friends I’m usually on Polyvore πŸ™‚ I have to admit I’m a Poly-whore. No not like slut wise but I mean I’m like a fashion whore. Ok that sounds kinda weird o.o Well anyways that place is the perfect place to practice styling clothes & putting an ensemble together. I’m kinda obsessed with that site. Whoever created I bow down before your fashion mightiness & kiss the ground you walk on ❀ No jk.. but I do love you for making the site.Β  I’ll be making sets & posting them on my blog! Feel free to look at them & comment ask questions ect…

If you have a Polyvore account yourself please add me πŸ˜€ —> ohmissmel. I love hearing from people & comments you have for my sets. I really appreciate them!

Last but not least…

If you ever asked me who my fashion inspirations [besides my mom] my top three would have to be…

  • Chriselle Lim- a.k.a Youtube’s best fashion guru/stylist. OH MY GOSH… this lady is way too talented & gorgeous.. I kinda want her job?
  • Michelle Phan- I mean seriously if you love fashion as much as I do you HAVE to know her.. She’s my inspiration for makeup πŸ™‚
  • Bubzbeauty/Bubbi- She’s sooo adorable :] I just got into her a little while back & she’s also a great inspiration for fashion/makeup & she has the best comedy channel hahaha xD

Oh wow I wrote a lot already.. haha I’m already getting into the blogging spirit ;] So anyways I hope I somehow attract some fans or people into reading my insights on fashion and what not cuz then I would look like a loser on the web posting blogs 24/7 with no readers ^^; Just letting you know I’m really nice & I love meeting new people & I’d really love to hear your responses for things! [And no I’m not a creeper ;D] & also PLEASE no spams & hate mail/messages. I’d like mature people reading my blog and not a bunch of no life people putting crap up on my blog or anyone else’s blog.. not cool >.> This is my blog and I’m only human so if you don’t like or agree with what I post than don’t post anything at all :] So it was really nice to meet you [for whoever is reading this..] I hope to post a lot of things on my blog soon! Please look forward to it :]

~XOXO Miss Mel